The importance of thinking ahead

Team TDA-

TEAM-TDA was founded as a partnership between the design firms TEAM E-M and TDA, with the goal of offering a holistic approach of design and project management, to the digital transformation that is taking place in the AEC Industry.

years of experience in Engineering
years experience in Architectural Design
years experience in BIM services

TEAM E-M is an MEP design firm with a significant experience of over 40 years in the MEP Design field and a leader in project management and engineering consultancy. The firm is covering all building and infrastructure typologies, environmental, energy, industrial feasibility studies and many others.

TDA – Tectonics Design Associates is an aspiring BIM and Architectural design firm, with significant experience in computational design and BIM management, participating in high standard projects in Europe and Middle East. In parallel TDA covers a great variety of architectural typologies that reflect their devotion to technological innovation and sustainability.

Our successful course in architecture, engineering and project management fields along with the extensive knowledge of advance design technologies, from parametric design to BIM methodologies, guaranty the high quality and efficiency in our project deliveries.