BIM Implementation Services

Team TDA-
Optimising building performance in design, construction and operation

We provide BIM implementation from the ground up, covering the process from concept to As-built and Facility Management.

Our extensive experience in BIM projects, guarantees efficiency and quality of the deliverables, using workflows that are based on international standards and best practices.


BIM Modeling

Authoring of BIM models across all Levels Of Development (LOD 200, 300, 400, 500) implementing up to date BIM FORUM Standards.

Linking the model and its metadata with the output of other departments within the project (Engineering, Construction, Planning, Procurement, Contracts, Document Control), to create a common language interface for Project Controls and Project Management.

BIM models for all Disciplines // All Design Phases

Team TDA-BIM Modeling

Object Label: WND-X317
Room Number: X3-04-17
Material instance: GL-02
Activity ID: P4C054AX03ARCF04340

Object Label: INS-X303
Room Number: X3-04-17
Material Instance: RW-02
Activity ID: P4C054AX03ARCF04006

Object Label: STO-X306
Room Number: X3-04-06
Material Instance: ST-115
Activity ID: P4C054AX03ARCF04018

Object Label: BLK-X3XX
Room Number: N/A
Material Instance: CMU-100
Activity ID: P4C054AX03ARCF04006

Object Label: WDR-X316
Room Number: X3-04-16
Material Instance: WD-03
Activity ID: P4C054AX03ARCF04037


Parametric Design Implementation

Design Optimization through Parametric Tools. Prefabrication models of complex geometries and structures.

Parametric Design // Façade Engineering // Prefabrication models

Team TDA-Parametric Design Implementation

BIM Design Documentation

Team TDA-BIM Design Documentation

Production of design and construction drawings by extracting from the BIM model , as per requirements of the project phase.

Up to date project’s material take-offs extracted from the BIM model of each design phase.

Detail Design // IFC // Shop Drawings // As- built


As – Built BIM

We implement BIM methodology and Laser scanning technology to create a validated as-built model with integrated as-built data, drawings and documentation.

As built Model – L0D 500 // As – Built Drawings // As – Built Validation


BIM for Facility Management

We create the Asset Information Strategy and streamline the project handover through BIM.

We provide a complete Asset information Model with the Facility Management Data integrated.

Facility Management Data Integration // COBie Worksheets // Asset Information Model

Team TDA-BIM for Facility Management

Equipment Rating: 20Lt

Equipment Rating: 8.274 KW

Equipment Rating: 7.3 L/s