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Team TDA-
Our Design Objectives

TEAM-TDA is multi-discipline design firm with great experience in a vast variety of complex building typologies and infrastructure projects.

We are committed to deliver design that will meet the objectives of the project and adhere to the highest architectural and engineering standards.

Our team offers complete design solutions for all disciplines and phases of a project, collaborating constantly with all stakeholders during the project development.

From concept to construction development and up to the handover, we utilize all the capabilities of BIM methodology through our extensive knowledge of the advance design technology practices, delivering excellent results with main focus in sustainability, efficiency and innovation.



TEAM-TDA offers architectural design solutions, through TDA, an architectural practice with wide experience in architectural design and BIM services in Greece, Germany and Qatar.

  • TDA covers a great variety of architectural typology on residential, hotels and public buildings and has a significant experience in landscape and interior design.

The integration of nature and technology as distinct and significant elements of the design is the main drive of the practice. TDA aims to a contemporary and efficient building environment, able to suit the current life styles and adopt to the needs of the local societies, keeping focus on a sustainable design orientation and utilizing the new design and construction practices through BIM and prefabrication methods.

Architectural design // Interior design // Architectural lighting Design // Landscape design



With a combined experience of over 40 years in the field of engineering, TEAM-TDA offers a high standard engineering solutions for all disciplines, enhanced and streamlined through BIM.

As TEAM-TDA, our main goals is to ensure efficiency in construction and to reduce time and cost while maintaining sustainability and low risk strategies.

Structural // Mechanical // Electrical // ELV