BIM Management

Team TDA-
Bespoke digital strategies focusing on key end goals

We add quality, cost and time efficiency through our distinctive BIM Management services during the entire life cycle of the construction project.

Based on our international, wide-range, work experience we offer distinctive BIM project management services suitable to the unique goals and needs of each project.


BIM Project Strategy & Monitoring

We create a strong foundation for the project with the use of international standards and BIM methodology

BIM Execution Plan // BIM manuals // Clash Interference Strategy // Quality Control Process // Progress Reports

We establish and enforce the BIM execution plan, BIM workflows and modelling guidelines/standards.

Identification // Coordination // Process Issue Resolution

Team TDA-BIM Project Strategy & Monitoring

Design Management through BIM

We validate the BIM model and workflows providing better coordination and management for the design.

We enhance cost and risk reduction, ensuring the quality of the construction with audit reports and coordination solutions, streamlined with the design process.

Design Progress Reports // Design Coordination// Class Detection // Constructability Studies

Team TDA-Design Management through BIM

Project Documentation Management

Team TDA-Project Documentation Management

We manage the proper integration of all technical documents and BIM extracts through BIM collaboration platforms and the Common Data environment (CDE) covering project specifics.

Drawings // Material Take offs // Specifications // Progress Reports // Class Detections


4D Construction Planning

We create visualizations of the construction schedules and utilized them as a tool to review the whole work package sequencing.

Simulation of alternatives // What if scenarios // Optimization of the planning process


Project Monitoring and Control

Team TDA-Project Monitoring and Control

Real time monitoring and inspection of the construction status with the use of mobile devices.

Validation of the collected data through physical presence in the construction site.

Cloud Based Project Controls // QA/QC Inspections